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Awesome Aztecs

Gepostet am Do, 15.5.2014 von in Games, Prototype |

The challenge was to design a game around the term „solidarity“. Our game mechanics focused around the idea that each player having just his own interest in mind will never be able to succeed. The game is designed for 3 teams of 2 players. Each round the teams would receive resources, but in order to do so they had to formulate an agreement within the group. The resources would then buy a card. Whoever had the most cards in the end wins the game.

But all players face a common nemesis – the vulcano. Only if every team is willing to sacrifice some of its resources it is possible to appease the gods.

The game was built in a hybrid form. Resource-tokens and cards were designed in a boardgame style, but instead of a board we used a tablet. This had the advantage that we could set timers for certain game actions, forcing a certain speed into the gameplay. The App on the tablet was built with Unity 3D and tested on an Android device.

git_iconUnity 3D Game App and APK