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Discussing Gamification

Gepostet am Mi, 8.4.2015 von in Academic Paper |

Gamification is a word that has been used excessively over the last years. It has become a marketing label, a buzzword for workflow optimiziation. The question if this word stands for more than a vague idea of „fun-to-use“ products is the starting point of this paper. I tried to connect the dots between game mechanics, immersion, flow and the idea of gamified applications. Several best practice examples on gamification are deconstructed in order to find the answer to the question if gamification is more than just a nice word for marketing executives.
In this paper the term of gamification is discussed by taking a closer look at game mechanics and best practices in gamified application design. The roles of Flow and immersion in game design and its impacts on motivation are explored. Furthermore the effects on intrinsic motivation and potential unethical use of gamified application are discussed in detail.