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Shared Spaces

Gepostet am Mo, 3.2.2014 von in Allgemein |

For our final project for „Beyond the desktop“ we connected two rooms with a webservice. What does that mean? Well, you walk in a room and see a circle projected around your feet. The same circle gets projected on the floor in another room on the same „virtual spot“. You move, the spot in the other room moves with you.

And it gets even better. Around your spot two „moons“ rotate. The exact same thing happens in the other room. When two people – no matter if they are in the same physical or virtual room – look at each other for a few seconds, they exchange their „moons“.

We set up a Kinect in each room to track the movements. The Kinect application, written in C# with the Microsoft SDK, sends the position and orientation of each person to a simple PHP based webservice. In each room a projector is connected to a notebook that runs a Processing application. Processing fetches the coordinates from the webservice and shows the matching visualization.

It’s a little laggy with the webservice and getting a solid projection on the floor was harder then we expected, but despite the complexity the setup was quite stable. And it was a lot of fun to use 🙂