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ZeroG Waves

Gepostet am So, 7.2.2016 von in Audio, Games |

This is the first game I published in the App store. It is a simple retro arcade game that is based on even simpler game mechanics. What makes this game special is that the music and the game mechanics are interconnected. The difficulty levels range from „Techno“ to „Jazz“, influencing the level of predictability of the game elements. As a second parameter the BPM can be set, making music and game elements faster or slower.

Since everything in the game is rhythmic the soundtrack is created by the game actions. The user can choose which action (e.g. enemies firing shots, obstacles rotating…) causes which sound to be played, which in return creates the soundtrack as you play.

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At first I tried to put the game sprites together from CC-images, but after a while I realised that it was not possible to make it look good that way, so I created all sprites from scratch – pixel by pixel. A brief but very helpful tutorial on that can be found here.